Education with IMPACT

Education with IMPACT is an affordable way to utilize your resources with educational support that is customized to your organization’s needs. Our services are unique to each organization and delivered by clinical experts in their fields.

Heavy dependence on online education may help to meet the legislative requirements but often organizations still find that their staff have gaps and knowledge deficits when it comes to providing optimal Resident Care. Education needs to be dynamic, responsive and current to address Resident Care needs and build capacity in the staff.

Education with IMPACT goes beyond meeting regulatory requirements and helps to build your staffs capacity with:

In‐person   Modular  Practical   Applied  Customized  Training



Our training is delivered on-site or facilitated live with an instructor virtually. Participants are able to ask questions, work in groups to tackle case scenarios, learn from each other, brain storm and problem solve together and practice clinical skills



Our workshops are flexible and can be taken individually or in a series, depending on the topic and issue that you are trying to address.



Many of our workshops are clinically focused. This requires both theoretical knowledge and practicing the skills by return demonstration. Other workshops are scenario based and require group work



Learners will be able to reinforce organization policies as well as other best practices by applying their knowledge, either by hands on experience or through group work, discussion and case studies



To obtain the best possible outcome of the workshops and ensure attendees engagement we tailor the session to any current issues, needs assessment and your relevant policies and procedures.



The staff will be able to go beyond education that meets external regulatory requirements, to training that builds capacity in your staff to confidently and immediately integrate their skill enhancement to positively impact Resident Care.

HCPT College offers programs that are developed by experts in a specific field of practice. The content and methodology are consistent with best practice and specifically focus on using adult learning principles.

We offer an educational and training program that provides value in exchange for a price that is affordable. The beauty of our solution is its scalability and flexibility. We understand the importance of staff education, and we have proven that we can deliver the quality of education and training that you seek in the timeframe you require.

Workshops for Registered Staff
  • IV/CADD Pump Training
  • Sharpening Your Geriatric Assessment Skills
  • Interactive Falls Prevention and Post Falls Assessment
  • Wound Care
  • Leadership Skills for Nurses
  • Documentation and Nursing Practice
  • Medication Administration
Workshops for All Staff and PSWs
  • 3Ds and Responsive Behaviours (PSWs)
  • Watch Your Back and Preventing Falls in the Elderly (PSWs)
  • Introduction to the Frail Elderly and Communication (PSWs)
  • Neurological Conditions in the Elderly Population (PSWs)
  • Respiratory and Cardiovascular Conditions (PSWs)
  • Understanding bowel and bladder continence in the elderly Resident (PSWs)
  • Diabetes & Nutrition, Skin, Wound Care and G-tubes (PSWs)
  • Customer Service (All Staff)
  • Communication, Collaboration & Teamwork (All Staff)
  • Harassment, Bullying & Preventing Resident Abuse and Neglect (All Staff)