“The course you are conducting to improve our clinical knowledge is an excellent course for us. It has definitely helped me to improve my clinical knowledge and I feel more confident about my ability to function well as a registered nurse in Canada. I am impressed by the effort you are putting in teaching these things to us, especially EKG interpretation and assessment of the patient.”
Christine S
Internationally Educated Nurse
“The review provided by the HCPT was a very helpful tool during my preparation for the CPNRE. They have good study resources & knowledgeable review instructors who unselfishly shared significant test-taking strategies & tips. It was a great learning experience for me. Way to go HCPT…”
Frances V.
RPN Student
“I found it extremely helpful and vital for me passing the RN exam. The instructor was amazing at assisting with memory aids, review of all the systems and fundamentals of nursing. It was great to have a comprehensive review of all four years in a few weeks. I have recommended the course to all new grads I have met along the way.”
Kenzee B
RN Student
“I would first like to thank HCPT staff who really are dedicated to help all the nurses to succeed. I am an RPN and I completed three courses from HCPT: Physical Health Assessment, IV Therapy & Phlebotomy and Medication Administration. Before I even completed the courses, I put it on my resume and started sending my resume to nursing agencies, long-term facilities and hospitals. As a result, I got a call and I got hired by an agency who gave me a full time job in nursing.”
Nimo H.